Creating apps as study tools

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Using MIT App Inventor 2 to create applications (apps) with students to use as interactive study tools.

To have students find value in their work through the use of brainstorming, collaboration with peers, and technology. An essential task in this lesson is to provoke creativity, to allow the students to realize the methods that which they study may not always fulfill their capacity of learning. Students learn by engagement and to problem solve. Students will create applications (apps) specifically for studying in a content area. This will allow them to research, design, create, and use the app to study from as it is in the subject area they are learning.

Interactive Fairy Tales Using Scratch

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This is a whole set of instructions and examples of student work using Scratch to create an interactive ethical story, a story that teaches a lesson, or at least makes you understand how hard it is to make a good choice and have you feel that the right choice is always best.

This was created by Mr. Shantanu and his students.