So what’s the difference between a make, an example, and a tutorial?

“Makes” are the main units we’re “banking” here. A make is a generalized project or activity idea, for example, Make a meme, Make a 5-image story, Make a meal with local produce, etc. Makes are general enough that they might be interpreted or remixed differently by different people who try them out. A make should have sufficient information (and at least one example) that someone can get started on doing it.

The examples are specific instances of more general makes, e.g. actual works that people have created, e.g. individual memes, individual 5-image stories, picture of meals/recipes, etc.

The tutorials are just that — “how to” make a meme or how to use a particular piece of software or whatever.

Generally, the make is longer and more detailed and comes before community-supplied examples or tutorials. (And you can only put in examples and tutorials for existing makes.)

Having said all that, if we see a make that comes in that really seems more like an example or a tutorial to us, we’ll just post it that way behind the scenes.